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Bonn exposure shutters are in operation at many astronomical observatories and scientific institutions around the world. We have built shutters for scientific CCD cameras with aperture sizes ranging from 60mm to 1310mm.

In Short

Who Bonn Shutter is and what they do.

Shutter Formats

Bonn Shutter offers a range of standard size astronomical shutters but we offer customer specific developments too. Have a look to the following apertures:

60 x 60mm aperture
80 x 80mm aperture
100 x 100mm aperture
125 x 125mm compact aperture
125 x 125mm aperture
180 x 180mm aperture
200 x 200mm aperture
280 x 280mm aperture

In Depth

From the principle of operation over details of shutter mechanics and electronics to a comprehensive description of shutter performance tests:

Principle of Operation
Shutter Mechanics
Shutter Control Unit
Shutter Firmware
Shutter Performance

User Feedback

From most of the users of Bonn Shutters we get a very positive feedback.

Legal Info

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