Bonn Shutter

Customer-specific Developments

Apart from the standard shutter models Bonn-Shutter offers customer-specific solutions. The following examples demonstrate the wide range of options.

Rectangular aperture (100mm x 200mm for MUSE@VLT)

Single blade shutters for a spectrograph (400mm and 300mm square, SUBARU-PFS). Shutter blades are white on one side to serve as reflectors for the back illumination of spectrograph fibers. Four pairs were built

Circular aperture (515mm diameter, for JPCam). Asymmetric shutter housing to fit the available space

Circular Aperture (600mm diameter, for DECam)

Pair of shutters with 145mm x 135mm aperture (for the Keck KCWI)

480mm aperture for PanSTARRS. Numerous mounting ears around the shutter periphery. The shutter housing is air sealed.

200mm shutter(s) for PEPSI@LBT. The motors are mounted such that they are thermally isolated from the shutter and can be integrated in the cooling system of the spectrograph

200mm shutter. Due to space restrictions the cable connector had to be positioned at the long side.

200mm shutter with motors sitting on top of the housing. This made the shutter housing shorter (650mm instead of 714mm).

For the Zwicky transient facility the biggest shutter ever was fabricated. With an aperture of 1310mm diameter it is mounted to the telescope aperture of the Samuel Oschin telescope on Mount Palomar. Each shutter blade covers only half of the aperture. They operate like a two-winged sliding door. Shutter blades have white paint on the inner side in order to reflect light from calibration light sources. The shutter opens or closes in 500msec without disturbing the telescope tracking.

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